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Can I travel with my ID?

EU citizens may use their European ID’s, but only when travelling to Greece or any other country of the EU. Cypriot citizens can travel only with the identity cards that bear an expiry date and continues to be valid throughout the cruise. Passengers carrying Cyprus-issued ID’s whose nationality is other than Cypriot are not allowed to use them to travel abroad. They may only use their passports.

Should I have my passport with me?

All passengers (adults, children, infants) have to carry their own individual and valid passport. Even children of 0-12 years old have to have their individual passports. For all excursions to Turkey, passengers must carry passports (not ID’s) and Cyprus-issued passports must be free of any seals coming from the occupied areas.

Which military documents are needed in order to travel?

Cypriot men over the age of 16 are required to have an exit permit or a certificate of discharge issued by the Army authorities. Those who have fulfilled their military obligations should have their Military Leaving Certificate.

Do I need a Travel Visa?

People of certain nationalities need entrance clearance (travel visa) in order to disembark. It is the passenger’s responsibility to learn about the travel visa and acquire one if needed. Non-EU citizens need a “schengen visa” in order to travel to Greece. Passengers carrying passports with an Israeli seal may not travel to Lebanon.

How is my luggage transferred on and off the vessel?

When arriving at the port you should hand over your luggage to the porters in order to pass the luggage control and be transferred to the entrance of the vessel where you have to recognise them before getting on board. When the vessel returns to Limassol at the end of the cruise your luggage must be locked and will be transferred to a special area in the passenger’s terminal where you have to recognise and receive them. According to the EU Directives the weight of each luggage should not exceed 23 kgs. The carriage of luggage and personal items is under the terms and conditions of carriage contained in the Carriage Agreement (i.e. your ticket) issued by the Carrier and you may obtain it along with the text of the Athens Convention from the Salamis Lines Ltd Offices at 1, G. Katsounotou Str., 3607 Limassol, Cyprus, tel. +35725860000. By accepting or/and using and/or travelling under the terms and conditions of the Carriage Agreement, Passengers accept all terms contained therein despite whether or not the ticket has been delivered to them or to a third person.

How does embarkation/disembarkation work?

Embarkation/Disembarkation - Limassol: Before your embarkation you need to check-in and pass the passport control, as well as other formalities. Check-in desks open 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure and close 30 minutes before departure. Passengers who don’t present themselves in time at the check-desk, will not be able to travel. When you board you have to hand your passport over to the purser’s office and take a special receipt which you have to present in order to take your passport back on the day of disembarkation Embarkation/Disembarkation - Ports of Call: At some ports, disembarkation is performed using local tenders, either due to lack of port facilities or due to instructions by port authorities. Passengers should be at the various ports in time for departure or/and at the meetings for the excursions. The company bears no responsibility in case a passenger is not at the port of call in time for departure. You should comply with the vessel’s announcements and the instructions of the daily programme.

How will I know the schedule of events and meals on board?

Once on board you will receive the cruise programme with the arrival and departure times at/from the ports of call, the meal times, the entertainment programme of the day, the scheduled events on board as well as any information you will need to know.

Does my ticket include meals?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at certain hours at the Vessel’s restaurant. During the stay of the vessel at the ports of call, the meals will be served normally. Snacks and drinks from the vessel’s bars and anything else ordered from the room service and A La Carte menu are not included in the price of the ticket.

What do I do if I have a special request regarding meals?

Please inform us at the time of your reservation for any requests regarding any special diet such as vegetarian meals, gluten-free meals etc.

Which excursions include a meal in a local restaurant or a lunch box?

Passengers who participate to full day optional excursions (exceeding 8 hours), which according to the programme do not include a meal in a local restaurant, will be offered a lunch box in a package provided by the vessel.

Can I bring food or drinks I buy from a port, on board with me?

According to the Hygiene & Safety Regulations of our Company, you are not allowed to bring food or drinks purchased from any ports, on board.

What currency can I use on board?

The currency on board the cruise ship is the EURO. You may exchange major currencies into euros at the reception.

Is there a doctor on board?

There is a qualified doctor on board who provides his services on a 24-hour basis when sailing and during certain hours when the ship is at the port. Medical services are provided free of charge but any pharmaceutical treatment/medication expenses should be born by the passenger.

What's the difference between an outside and an inside cabin?

An outside cabin has a porthole or window. An inside cabin doesn't have porthole or window. Cabins are all equipped with a bathtub or shower, toilet, washbasin and LCD television.

Is my cabin going to be exactly as shown on the deck plan?

The deck plan and the cabins’ description are indicative. The size and the arrangement may vary in the same cabin category. An outside cabin has a porthole or window.

Is there a reception desk on board?

The Vessel’s Reception Office operates 24 hours a day.

Can I travel if I'm pregnant?

We recommend that women who are in their 12th week of pregnancy seek medical advice before travelling. Women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant are required to present a medical certificate of fitness to travel. For more information please read Articles 14 Pregnancy and 13 Medical Services.

Are there any excursions available when we get to ports of call?

At most of the ports of call optional excursions are organised for which you may get information either from your Travel Agency or by the Vessel’s Excursion Office. The cost of these excursions is not included in the price of the cruise. Some excursions include visits to religious sites so you have to be dressed appropriately (covered knees and shoulders). Passengers who participate in full-day optional excursions (exceeding 8 hours) which according to their programme do not include a meal in a local restaurant, will be offereda lunch box provided by the vessel. On some Greek islands local buses are used which may not be equipped with air-conditioning or other amenities. The order of the visits and the duration of the excursions are indicative and may change.

What types of electrical devices can I use in my cabin?

Tension on board is 220V, and there are only bipolar plugs. A limited number of transformers may be found at the reception which you may borrow with a small deposit.

Can I bring my pet on board?

For hygiene and safety reasons animals/pets are not allowed on board.

Is smoking allowed on board?

For the convenience of all passengers smoking pipes and cigars is prohibited in the cabins, toilets and public areas of the vessel, except at the open air decks. Smoking cigarettes is allowed only at the areas with the appropriate sign and you are kindly requested to observe and obay these instructions.

What do I have to do in order to file a complaint?

Any complaints or claims should be reported to the reception by completing and signing the appropriate declaration before the disembarkation of the passengers.

Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend travel insurance to all passengers, one that covers them and their luggage. You may buy your travel insurance along with your ticket and it will cover you in case of cruise cancellation, lost luggage, repatriation expenses, accidents, missed departure and cancelled services. The following prices are per person, per cruise: 2-day and 3-day cruises: Adults €15 per person, Children (0-12 years old) €8 per person 4-day to 8-day cruises: Adults €20 per person, Children (0-12 years old) €10 per person

Are gratuities necessary?

Gratuities are optional.

Is a deposit required to secure my reservation and when should it be submitted?

Reservations are considered valid only when the non refundable deposit of 20% of the total price per person is submitted.

The deposit must be submitted as follows:

1 – 3 days prior to departure -            immediate settlement

4 – 14 days prior to departure -          deposit within 24 hours

15 – 30 days prior to departure -        deposit within 3 working days

31 – 60 days prior to departure -        deposit within 5 working days

61 + days prior to departure -             deposit within 7 working days

In case the above deposits are not submitted the reservations are cancelled without notice.

When should the full payment of the cruise be settled?

The full payment for the cruise must be settled upon issuing the cruise tickets latest 21 days prior to departure date.


Are there any cancellation fees in case I have to cancel my cruise?

Cancellation fees (for cancellations a written note is required):
Up to 30 days prior to departure -                   cancellation fee the full deposit amount
29 – 22 days prior to departure -                    cancellation fee 50% of full payment
21 – 7 days prior to departure -                      cancellation fee 75% of full payment
Less than 7 days prior to departure -             cancellation fee 100% of full payment



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