Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

  This is your home grid for Salamis Organisation, a leader in the Travel, Tourism, Cruise, Shipping and Transport sectors.  We invite you to explore these pages and examine all we have to offer. Founded in 1959 by Vassos G. Hadjitheodossiou as a customs clearing office in Ammochostos (Cyprus) and inspired by the old town of the ...

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Our Services

  • Culture


    Cyprus is full of culture. Situated in the Eastern Mediterranean between the continents of ...

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  • Toms Of the King

    Toms Of the King

    On the outskirts of Paphos can be found the famous 'Tombs of the Kings', a ...

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  • Cyprus UNESCO Churches

    Cyprus UNESCO Churches

    Cyprus, being predominantly Christian Orthodox, has a great number of Byzantine monuments. ...

    READ MORE Cyprus UNESCO Churches
  • A Different kind of Holiday

    A Different kind of Holiday

    Awaken to the sound of a cock crowing, or a donkey braying, take your breakfast in the shade ...

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  • The Ultimate Golf Experience

    The Ultimate Golf Experience

    Live the ultimate golf experience.   Cyprus is a ‘Golf Paradise’ for ...

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  • Organised Packages

    Organised Packages

    If it’s a weekend in Athens, a four-day break in Paris or a trip down the Grand ...

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  • The Perfect Honeymoon

    The Perfect Honeymoon

    Let us help you plan and arrange the perfect honeymoon for you, taking care of the flights, ...

    READ MORE The Perfect Honeymoon
  • Weddings


    Wedding abroad are becoming increasingly popular and getting married abroad can be truly ...

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  • Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    Never travel without it!  Salamis offers a professional travel insurance service to ...

    READ MORE Travel Insurance
  • Cruises


    Come aboard the world’s most legendary seas with Salamis Cruises.  Our experience ...

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  • Ro/Ro Service

    Ro/Ro Service

    With an excellent reputation built over 60 years, we are known for our ability to identify ...

    READ MORE Ro/Ro Service
  • Container Service

    Container Service

    Salamis Lines purchased a new Container Vessel with a capacity of about 700 TEUS. ...

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  •  Customs Clearance Services

    Customs Clearance Services

        Our Customs Clearing Department, established since 1960, ...

    READ MORE  Customs Clearance Services
  • Warehousing Logistics

    Warehousing Logistics

      We provide third party logistics, accommodating any kind of cargo ...

    READ MORE Warehousing Logistics
  • Oil & Gas Logistics

    Oil & Gas Logistics

      Salamis Shipping Services provides a full range of onshore and offshore services ...

    READ MORE Oil & Gas Logistics
  • Freight  Forwarding

    Freight Forwarding

        Salamis shipping cooperates with several worldwide leading and first ...

    READ MORE Freight  Forwarding
  • Local Transport in Cyprus

    Local Transport in Cyprus

      Inland haulage in Cyprus is a vital component of our services  with our ...

    READ MORE Local Transport in Cyprus
  • Marine Insurance

    Marine Insurance

      Co-operating with first class insurance companies and brokers, our company ...

    READ MORE Marine Insurance
  • Ship Management Services - Salamis Lines Ltd

    Ship Management Services

      Salamis Lines is a member of the Salamis Organisation offering an extensive ...

    READ MORE Ship Management Services - Salamis Lines Ltd
  • Car Rental

    Car Rental

    Whether it’s town-to-town or country-to-country, Salamis will get you the best car at ...

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  • Any Group, Any Size

    Any Group, Any Size

    No matter what the size of the group is, Salamis has the proficiency to cater to your needs ...

    READ MORE Any Group, Any Size
  • Incoming Travel Services

    Incoming Travel Services

    Cyprus, the perfect settings for unforgettable holidays! Salamis Tours and its ...

    READ MORE Incoming Travel Services
  • Conferences & Incentives

    Conferences & Incentives

    The excellent infrastructure and weather conditions along with the high standard of hotel ...

    READ MORE Conferences & Incentives
  • Special Interest Tourism

    Special Interest Tourism

    Awaken to the sound of a cock crowing, or a donkey braying, take your breakfast in the shade ...

    READ MORE Special Interest Tourism
  • Air & Sea Tickets

    Air & Sea Tickets

    Salamis collaborates with all the airlines and cruise companies to get you to your ...

    READ MORE Air & Sea Tickets
  • Hotel Accommodation

    Hotel Accommodation

    Whatever your requirements, we have somewhere for you to stay, anywhere in the world and at ...

    READ MORE Hotel Accommodation
  • Short Escapes

    Short Escapes

    Short Escapes – Welcome to Salamis Cruises! Come aboard the world’s most ...

    READ MORE Short Escapes
  • Organized Packages

    Organized Packages

    NEW SERVICE BOOK ONLINE your dream holiday anywhere in the world and experience ...

    READ MORE Organized Packages
  • International Road Transport (T.I.R)

    International Road Transport (T.I.R)

      C.I.R (Cyprus International Roads Ltd) is a specialist in Road Transportation of ...

    READ MORE International Road Transport (T.I.R)
  • Port Agency/ Port Operations/ Stevedoring Services

    Port Agency/ Port Operations/ Stevedoring Services

      Port agency and port operation, are two of the core activities of Salamis ...

    READ MORE Port Agency/ Port Operations/ Stevedoring Services
  • Incoming Tourism

    READ MORE Incoming Tourism
  • Incoming Packages

    Incoming Packages

    Welcome to Cyprus – the island of Hospitality and Discovery! Known as the ...

    READ MORE Incoming Packages
  • Outgoing Offers

    Outgoing Offers

    Salamis doesn’t only cater for everything in Cyprus – it also can fulfil your ...

    READ MORE Outgoing Offers
  • Outgoing Tourism

    Outgoing Tourism

    If you are looking for a professional to take care of all your travel and tourism ...

    READ MORE Outgoing Tourism
  • Cruise Vessels and Yachts

    Cruise Vessels and Yachts

      Leading Global Cruise Liners trust our knowhow of port and tourist ...

    READ MORE Cruise Vessels and Yachts

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